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Bile reflux esophagitis is somewhat less commonly manifested by heartburn and swallowing disorders.

The symptoms of dyspepsia come to mesalamine pills. belching with air, frequent nausea, vomiting with bile, bitterness in the mouth, especially in the morning. Patients may experience heaviness in the right hypochondrium and yellow plaque on the tongue. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is manifested by the following extraesophageal syndromes.

It is manifested by chronic rough, barking cough at night, bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Gastric asthma develops as a result of the gastroesophageal-vagal reflex that occurs after eating a large amount of food. Reflex apnea also occurs when gastric contents enter the upper esophagus. Otorhinolaryngological. Includes sore throat, hoarseness (more in the morning) and voice loss, pharyngitis, sinusitis, chronic runny nose, and earache. In patients with reflux, ulcers and granulomas of the vocal cords are formed, stenosis of the sections below the glottis (laryngeal croup) is noted. In addition, there is a high risk of cancerous degeneration of the ligaments and larynx.

There is damage to the tooth enamel in the form of erosion, the development of caries, aphthous stomatitis.

Iron deficiency anemia develops against the background of asacol in erosive or ulcerative esophagitis. There are also cases of diapedetic bleeding (leakage of blood through the walls of blood vessels without damaging them) in the catarrhal form of esophagitis.

Patients with gastroesophageal disease also have asthenic complaints, headache, sleep disturbance, and emotional lability.

Patients become weather sensitive. Moreover, the severity of asacol pills disorders depends on the degree of the disease. Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux in children do not differ from those in adults, but some features of the clinic will be discussed below. Diagnosis of this disease is based on. characteristic symptoms of the disease. Intraesophageal daily pH-metry, which is especially important for determining acid reflux. It fixes reflux, determines its degree and exposure time, finds out the influence of provoking factors and allows you to choose the right treatment. This research method is most important in patients without EGDS-signs of esophagitis. Without pH-metry, the treatment of a patient with an acid-dependent disease is inadequate.

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If it is not possible to monitor during the day, then monitoring is carried out for 15-16 hours. This examination is performed while sitting with the torso tilted forward by 45% - this position provokes reflux. Reflux lasting up to 5 minutes is not pathological. Esophageal reflux is considered pathological if in various positions (standing and lying) acid exposure exceeds the norm by 95% or more. pH-impedancemetry. It is carried out in combination with pH-metry of the esophagus.

With sphincter manometry, first the pressure at rest is measured, then the pressure during relaxation when swallowing water and the duration of the relaxation itself.

With its help, acidic, slightly acidic and slightly alkaline refluxes are determined. It is also possible to differentiate their structure (gas or liquid). Endoscopic examination, which is decisive for the establishment of esophagitis. Indications for it are the presence of dysphagia, bleeding, weight loss, failure of trial treatment, age over 50 years and longth medical history. diseases. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy of the esophagus and subsequent histological examination. This examination reveals adenocarcinoma, Barrett's esophagus and eosinophilic esophagitis. Esophageal manometry. The test evaluates esophageal contractility, lower sphincter pressure, and the interaction of peristalsis with the function of the esophageal sphincters (lower and upper).

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X-ray examination, which is performed to exclude a hernia. Ultrasound examination of internal organs.

As mentioned above, the main symptom of the disease, which causes discomfort to the patient, is heartburn. Treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease is. Relief of heartburn. Reduction of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach (with duodenal reflux). For this purpose, gastroprotectors are used. Improving motility, since gastroesophageal reflux is associated with a violation of the motor-evacuation function of asacol pills online. Normalization of motor skills is achieved by the use of prokinetics.

To prevent reflux, the patient, in addition to drug treatment, needs to make a correction in his lifestyle and follow the following rules.

Normalize weight. Do not overeat and eat fractionally. Refuse to drink large amounts of liquid (this also provokes reflux). After eating, do not take a horizontal position. Eat dinner 3 hours before bed. Give up smoking and alcohol. Exclude loads that increase intra-abdominal pressure (lifting weights, bending forward, straining with air retention). Refrain from wearing tight clothing. Do not sleep on your back and give an elevated position to the head end of the body.

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According to the standard regimen, PPIs are used first at a double dose, then at the standard dose, and at the end of treatment at a half dose. It is this tactic that makes it possible to achieve an improvement in the condition and positive dynamics during the control endoscopic examination. In the erosive form, proton pump inhibitors are prescribed in double doses.

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The following groups of drugs are used to relieve heartburn. With single erosions of the esophagus, the healing time is 4 weeks. One of the drugs with the active substance Omeprazole, Rabeprazole, Dexlansoprazole or Pantoprazole is prescribed. With multiple erosions and complications, the duration of the course with these drugs is 2 months - only in this case they achieve 95% efficiency.